"I am the COO at an international educational organization. In that capacity, I work with College Counsellors very closely. The effectiveness of my responsibilities depends in a large part on the effectiveness of the Counsellors. In that relationship, I worked closely with Skyler Bentley when she was the Counsellor at International School Basel. She has been a superstar to work with. Forecasting, organizing, and delivering as projected are her core competencies. Interacting with support groups like mine is exemplary. The most unusual part is she does it all with cheer, without getting flustered, making the support groups at ease and the total system working stress free."

Z. Mustafa, Academic Services International, New York

"The role Mrs. Bentley Hall played in the entirety of the process of selecting universities, applying to them, and staying informed was fundamental. I like to see her help as a whole support system because of the versatility of the aid she offers. Mrs. Bentley Hall is extremely informed on all of the universities and the programs they offer around the world. She would take my academic and personal interests into account when recommending me where to study and how to make the best out of my application. Mrs. Bentley Hall also helped me see my application realistically. She always highlighted how competitive the application process is, and always offered me the best advice in making my personal strengths standout in my application. She also took her time to get to know me through my parents and myself to provide me with the most suitable recommendations. She is truly amazing!"

Class of 2020 Student (matriculated to King's College London, UK)

"Skyler is the most expert, energetic, and professional College & Career Counselor with whom I've worked. She develops strong relationships with students in order to know their strengths and interests and guide towards their future goals. Skyler is expert and timely in the college admissions process, encouraging students to reach high and produce top level essays and applications. Skyler has ample contacts in both the international school world and universities in Europe, the UK, and the United States. Simply put - any student working with Skyler has a better chance of getting into their priority choice universities."   

D.Sacks, Director of Student Support Services, International School of Beijing

"As a college counseling professional for 15 years, I was equal parts excited and nervous about moving to a school with an IB curriculum. However, during my meetings with Skyler, along with the incredible wealth of resources she shared, I was able to put my worries aside and focus on extending my knowledge in order to best prepare for my next community. I also know that my future colleagues will benefit from the time I spent with Skyler since I'll definitely be asking just a few less questions. I would highly recommend working with Skyler if you find yourself in a similar position - such a help!"     

M.Takacs, College Counsellor, Singapore American School

“Skyler’s knowledge of the options available at further education institutions around the world seems virtually encyclopedic and we were always confident that she would have the answers to our questions about the most suitable locations and courses to consider.”

S.C., Class of 2020 Parent (student matriculating, Imperial College London, UK)

“Skyler has the aptitude to build long-lasting relationships with her superior networking skills and is able to provide unique opportunities for students through her contacts. Furthermore, her ability to make genuine connections with her students is truly extraordinary and my daughters have been incredibly fortunate to benefit from this.”

P.B., Class of 2020 Parent (students matriculating, Geneva School of Diplomacy, CH & Drew University, US)

 “Mrs. Bentley Hall was transformational in the development of my son as he was transitioning from his last years of high school at the International School of Basel, towards applying to college in the US. She was always positive, available and a constructive discussion partner to my son, as well as myself. She contributed to making my son feel valuable and trust he would find the right fit university for his next stage of studies.”

S.K. Class of 2018 Parent (student matriculated to Brown University, US)

"Skyler combines exceptional university application knowledge and contacts with an unmatched energy. She has deep empathy for students and their parents going through college applications. She supports families with boundless enthusiasm. She gives encouraging and practical advice at every stage of the process. Her outstanding record makes a stressful journey instead an exciting and always successful one for every student."

N. O'Connell, HOD College & Career Counselling, International School Basel

"Skyler's genuine enthusiasm for her students to succeed in a process riddled with much complexity and competition is a rarity to be admired. Her enthusiasm was matched by hard work and great charisma, making her always approachable, and meetings enjoyable and constructive. She was also brilliantly networked, also introducing me to key figures and experts in the field, and all the above helped me succeed in my applications!"

Class of 2020 Student, International School Basel, CH (matriculated to University of Warwick, UK)